Property Management on 5 Gold Coast’s Best Bar and Cafe

Property Management on 5 Gold Coast’s Best Bar and Cafe

gold coast Bar mr pp

Best 5 Gold Coast Bar and Cafe – S-Bar Review


Mr P.P.’s Deli & Rooftop


gold coast Bar mr pp


Upstairs, under a fully-retractable roof covering, the sun-drenched roof bar is spread with outing tables, cubicles, high bar seats as well as potted hands. On the roof food selection are containers of beer (8 alternatives at hand) as well as shared mixed drinks, all offered with metropolitan panoramas over the CBD and also roofs. Hang and also come with the city white-collar worker for sundown rip off as well as you’ll likely leave with a handful of brand-new pals.


Downstairs, concealed behind the role of a delicatessens, Mr P.P.’s cosy wine bar is ideal for knock-off beverages and also friendly Saturday evenings. Maintaining with the classic theming, there’s 1920s-style lumber molding with walnut surfaces, a white marble bar top, luxuriant brass foot rails, antique photo frameworks showcasing the honourable Mr P.P. Agnew himself as well as a delicatessens closet equipped with healed cheeses and also meats.


Fisherman’s Wharf


Fisherman’s Wharf gold coast


Cafe located in top spot of Gold Coast location, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, the look is new but the traditions remain. Take time out to dine on the deck overlooking the beautiful Gold Coast Broadwater. The idyllic location fits the bill when it’s dinner for two, a family gathering or a big night out with friends.


House of Brews


House of Brews Bar in GOld coast


House of Brews is one for the hops lovers. With an impressive 32 domestic and international craft beers lining their tap wall, an American BBQ-inspired menu (hello, hot wings!), rooftop bar and regular live tunes to sink your beers to, this is a standout venue on Orchid Avenue’s raucous bar street.




Elsewhere bar australia gold coast


While you’re there, you’ll probably feel like you’re ‘somewhere else’… see what they’ve done there?! This little hot-spot is a hub of alternative electronic tunes, a Saturday Night Fever-style dance floor and delightfully gorgeous hipsters. It’s not unusual to catch a live gig from a small-time DJ for $10 on the door one night, then end up seeing them ruling the EDM world a year later.


The Avenue


The Avenue Cafe Gold COast


Now operating out of a sleek new location (just across Orchid Avenue), The Avenue has a colourful 40-year history on the Surfers Paradise nightlife scene. While today, it’s less about Manpower cabarets, big hair and grungy rock bands, and more about live music, comedy shows, grazing platters, tapas and cocktails, The Avenue is one of the best bars in Surfers Paradise if you’re on the hunt for a good time.


Property Management


Those 5 cafe and bar was very successful in Gold Coast area, some place like The Avenue, Mr.PP and other place built long time ago, their building is old but their property management is awesome, for old building in Australia you have to do asbestos and other hazardous material testing, even more for public place like cafe and bar. If your house or property haven’t checking yet do it immediately, if you dont know yet what is asbestos, lets discuss it few minutes here.


What is Asbestos


Asbestos is a material that was commonly mined, exported and used in construction within Australia up until its ban in the mid-1980’s and full ban in 2003, this ban was implemented because of the adverse health effects it had on the general public and workers who mined, built with and utilized the material. There is still plenty of asbestos left in Australia so it’s important to know where it is today, the risks we face and how to dispose of it safely and legally.


Following these types, asbestos can be sorted into two categories:


Friable- Friable asbestos is considered high risk asbestos, this asbestos breaks easily and becomes airborne quickly and very easily.

Non-friable- Non-friable asbestos is considered low risk asbestos, this type of asbestos is hardier, breaks less easily and remains mostly intact if damaged. If damaged this asbestos can still release fibres into the air, remember.


Where Is Asbestos?


How can you guess if your house could contain asbestos? When it was built for a start, well you can look at. Then it is unlikely to contain asbestos as asbestos was banned fully in Australia after this time, if your home was built after 2003. Especially if it was built before the mid-1980’s then it has a high chance of containing asbestos if your home was built before 2003. Where is asbestos most commonly found? Asbestos is most commonly found in:


  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Roofs
  • Sealants
  • Piping


Risks of Asbestos Exposure


Asbestos inhalation can cause a variety of diseases in humans, some of these include:


  • Lung Cancer
  • Mesothelioma
  • Asbestosis
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Testes Cancer

Any amount of inhalation of asbestos can lead to these symptoms and diseases often don’t present until decades after the initial inhalation.


Leave it to Pro


If you are in Gold Coast, you can search online best asbestos removal Gold Coast for more references. Utilizing professionals will not only ensure your safety and others but also may save you from a large fine from the government for wrong transportation or incorrect removal.

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